Thursday, November 18, 2010


What an accomplishment! Miley Cyrus has managed to be voted number one in the worst celebrity polls by teens. Hmm, makes sense doesn’t it. She is a terrible influence on the young people in the world. I honestly wish I could have a nice conversation with her and give her a piece of my mind. I think she just needs someone to look up to.

I think it’s terrible that so many little girls in this country look up to her when she is starting to set such a bad example. Her music videos are becoming more and more provocative, and little kids really don’t need to see that kind of stuff. Either she doesn’t realize how many girls look up to her, or she just doesn’t care.

I defiantly understand that she is almost 18. I recently turned 18 myself. I know how  
it feels trying to figure out who you are as a woman. I feel like she is really lost. I also know how she feels about her parents getting divorced. My parents have been divorced since I was 5. It is a really ugly thing, but you have to be strong and overcome it. You also can’t blame yourself like I have heard she is. I blamed myself for years, and it just made me really depressed. And that could be why she is acting the way she is.

I have to compare her to Taylor Swift. I honestly don’t like either of these girls, but Taylor has done a way better job of being a role model. Her songs are about teenage problems, and that’s what teen girls need to hear, not about how sex is such a cool thing. Girls these days have such low self esteem, and I feel celebrities like Miley are making it worse.

Girls today in general are just terrible. They are so mean and judgmental of each other. I personally only have a handful of girls that I can actually tolerate. And over half of them are girls that I have known my whole life. Girls in pop-culture are even worse, though in my opinion. I feel like they are a big cause of how girls treat each other, and just everyone. Lots of teenage girls today have NO respect for anyone, including themselves


  1. Good job Alyssa!
    You are right!
    Shes a dirty sluuuut =)

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