Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alternative school vs. public school.

My public school experienced at Willamette was no good. It was a living hell actually. I hated getting up everyday and walking through those narrow hallways surrounded by all of those people I didn't like. I hated how many people were in all of my classes. I didn't have a class that didn't have at least 28 people in it. I also didn't like most of the teachers I had. They were all just a bunch of stuck up assholes in my opinion. I did like a very select few of my teachers though.
Now, my alternative school experience on the other hand has been great. I love my teachers. They are so much easier to talk to and get along with. I just prefer the small alternative school environment. I chose alternative school mostly because of how bad I messed up in my public school. And if I hadn't left Willamette, I never would have got to experience Wellsprings. :)

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