Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miley Cyrus

I wasn't too shocked when I saw the video of Miley smoking salvia. Kind of seems like something she might do in her free time. I would sure as hell be embarrassed if it was me. But apparently she is too. Who knows. I doubt it though. I also find it hilarious that the bong she used to smoke it is now being sold on the Internet. Whoever has the money to waste on something like that, I feel sorry for you.

It's also not to surprising to me that people are saying that there are nude pictures of her online again. I don't know if there is for sure, or if there ever where but it wouldn't surprise me at all. Although half the pictures I do see of her are pretty revealing. Oh well, hopefully she make changes for the better, like she says she is doing, in the new year.

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