Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Break

This winter break I spent most of my days at home or with friends. My nights were taken up with my job. After work most nights, I just went home and watched Christmas movies with my mom and sisters. Christmas eve I spent the day with my dad and his family before work. After work I went back to my dads.
Christmas morning my little brother and sister woke my other sister and I up at 5:00 A.M. We opened presents, and did our stockings. I had some well deserved coffee. Then around 6, we headed over to my stepmom's parents house and opened more presents.
After that, my mom came and picked my sister and I up, and we opened more presents from my mom and stepdad. Then it was off to see more grandparents. At my mom's parents, we opened more gifts, and had lunch.
Then we headed to my stepdad's parents and opened more gifts and had more food. I had a pretty descent break and Holiday.

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